Fun Fact of the Week


The Judgment of Quintus consists of six adventure-filled chapters, dozens of characters, and over fifty unique places. And it may even be released this decade.


Word of the Week


Panoply: Comprehensive collection

Small children bring me a panoply of woes.


Pop Quiz!

While waiting for The Judgment of Quintus to be released, how have you passed the time?
Elected two presidents.
Invented the smartphone.
Death. Luckily, I'm haunting your website.


It's a Roman Holiday!

Keep me in the know!    
Keep me in perpetual ignorance!    

News of Undeniable Import


News of Equally Undeniable, if Less Pressing, Import

  Play Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy, and see why the critics are raving!

Download it now! (And, did we mention, it's free!)

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